Screw caps






The caps are suitable to seal jars and bottles with screw caps thread. They can be used with any type of product with thermic treatment of pasteurization or sterilization (up to 131°C). The caps are made of :

  • Tinplate according BS EN 10202:2001 externally colour lacquered or lithographed and internally lacquered with protective lacquer.
  • The lacquers are in compliance with regulation 1935/2004 /EC; US FDA 21 CFR section 175.300 and have BFDGE certificates.
  • There is a sealing ring from PVC plastisol in the inner side of the cap, according to European directive 2002/72/ EC from 6 th August 2002 regarding synthethic materials which come in contact with food; Directive 2005/79/EC from 18 th of November 2005 correction-  2002/72/EC; Dirctive 2007/19/EC from 2 nd April 2007 correction of 2002/72/EC; Directive 2008/39/EC from 6 th of April 2008 correction of 2002/72/EC.

The raw materials- tinplate, coating and sealing compound- are in compliance with European food treatment laws.