Винтови капачки профили Гудекс

GUDEX SA manufactures metal lug closures according to the needs of its customers according to the highest standards of safety and technology. They are suitable for a wide range of products and are made of electrolytic tinplate, designed for closing bottles and jars, for pasteurization up to 105°C and sterilization up to 121°C.

Guarantee for the high quality of the final product:

The metal closures have the following height specifications

R /Regular/

Height: up to 10 mm.

М /Medium/

Height: up to 13 mm.

D /Deep/

Height: up to 15 mm.

Profiles of Gudex lug caps


regular lug closure


regular lug closure with vacuum button


step lug closure with a step in the sealing area


 RTS lug closure with vacuum button

Metal lug closures diameter

Technical data