Engineering solutions in production with 30 years of history and achievements.


We invest in and develop the latest trends in the industry at a global scale


The production technology is based on best packaging practices.


We strive for the highest standards with a responsibility to safety.

Company Gudex SA Gudex SA  was established in 1992. It specializes in the production of metal lug closures, as well as coating and printing on metal. Company was certified according to ISO 9001 in 2005 and does not stop working in the direction of development and increase of production capacity. Long-term experience and traditions, as well as raw materials supplied by leading European manufacturers, are a guarantee of the quality of the final product.

Gudex SA has high-tech production lines, as well as its own lines for coating and printing on metal, which allows to shorten the time to fulfill the specific orders of our customers.
A team of specialists makes daily tests and monitors the quality and durability of the metal lug closures. They subjects them to pasteurization and sterilization thermal treatement, as well as checks their resistance to various substances such as acids, salt, sugar and fat.


We manufacture a wide range of sizes and varieties of type (TO) metal lug closures, meeting global safety and quality standards.

Rely on validated control and management of production processes.


Glass jars and bottles compatible with our products.